Introduction to the U.S. Legal System Courses

I teach Comparative Law to JD and international LLM students, as well as to international legal professionals who visit Gainesville or invite us to teach in their countries. For U.S. JD students: comparative European law and legal history. For my international students: Introduction to the Legal System of the United States.


Law that is Foreign to You

Comparative Law is by definition the study of law that is foreign to the student. I teach both U.S. and foreign students, which requires an individualized approach tailored to the different frames of reference.

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Many Countries, One Gator Nation

The Levin College of Law has sent many of its JD graduates to work abroad. It has also trained hundreds of students from outside the United States through exchange and degree programs such as the LL.M. in Comparative Law that I had the privilege of directing for five years and in which I taught courses in Introduction to the U.S. Legal System.

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Introduction to the Law of the United States for Foreign Lawyers

Welcome to my new
Introduction to US Law pages!

Directing the LL.M. in Comparative Law Program at the Levin College of Law for the past five years was a great privilege. I am very proud to have continued our now over twenty-year-old program that has graduated over 200 students from more than 43 countries.

As I now transition out of administration and back to my normal faculty duties, I will be removing the administrative information that was posted here and leave only the teaching materials that I have been using for Introduction to the US Legal System, as I do for my other courses.

—Professor Pedro A. Malavet
LL.M. Program Director,
Fall 2011-Spring 2016

The Law of the United States for Foreign Lawyers
(legal professionals educated in countries other than the United States)

Lectures on U.S. Law: MOOC Videos

These are brief lectures from the MOOC The Global Students' Introduction to the Law of the United States

Introduction to the MOOC

A Brief History of the Constitution of the United States

The Basic Constitutional Structure of
the Government of the United States

Federalism in the United States

Judges and their Courts in the U.S.

The American Oral Jury Trial