First Century 1895 - 1995

"St. Clements's Chapel of Church of the Advent, Tallahassee, was originally St. Clement's, Lloyd, Florida. The Chapel was built one hundred years ago, in 1895, for approximately $1,500 by members of the Lloyd and Bond families and their friends. Mrs. Jane Lefferts Lloyds Bond, who had moved to Florida from Long Island sixty years before, chose the name in tribute to St. Clement's Church, New York City.

On Dec. 29, 1985, St. Clement's Lloyd, was dedicated by the Rt. Rev. Edwin Gardner Weed, third Bishop of Florida, was consecrated by him three and half years later, after all outstanding debts had been paid.

For 64 years, without a priest of its own, St. Clement's small, devoted congregation in Lloyd met its financial obligations, never asking monetary aid from the Diocese. But by November 1958, severe economic changes in the area reduced the congregation to three communicants. The building needed extensive repairs. Bishop Hamilton declared St. Clement's inactive.

In June 1959, the Diocese of Florida gave the building to the newly formed congregation of the Church of the Advent, Tallahassee, fifteen miles from Lloyd. During that summer the building was moved to the present six-acre site on Piedmont Drive, and members labored alongside the contractor and workmen to restore and improve the little Gothic-style building.

On Advent Sunday, Nov. 29, 1959, the building was rededicated as St. Clement's Chapel of the Episcopal Church of the Advent, by Bishop West assisted by the Rev. Harry Douglas, Jr., Vicar, and an overflowing gathering. The Chapel served as the main place of worship until April 1996 when Advent Hall, now Advent Church, was constructed. In preparation for its 1995 centennial celebration, the Chapel has been completely refurbished."

Adapted from St. Clement's Chapel of the Church of the Advent, by Leslie Cobb Warren.
© THE DIOCESAN News Of the Episcopal Church In The Diocese Of Florida; Volume XII, No. 7

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