General Resources

Field Methods - a journal dedicated to qualitative and quantitative methods of fieldwork

Analytic Technologies - producers of ANTHROPAC and UCINET

Gery Ryan's guide to data collection and analysis (PDF)

Introduction to cultural domains - by Steve Borgatti

Bibliography of cultural domain analysis, by Borgatti

Cognitive Anthropology - an overview of the field, from M.D. Murphy and students at the University of Alabama

Rashmi Sinha - use of cognitive research methods in industry.

Qualitative Data, Quantitative Analysis - Bernard (1996) in Cultural Anthropology Methods Journal, now Field Methods

What is Qualitative Data? - Borgatti

Representations of Mind - Borgatti

Kinds of Matricies - Borgatti

Dressler's research report on cultural consonance - how a working scholar uses the tools of cultural domain analysis in real research

Free Listing

Freelists - from Steve Borgatti's Elicitation Techniques for Cultural Domain Analysis

Uses and Limitations of Free Listing in Ethnographic Research - Lance Gravlee

Free listing with ANTHROPAC - an example and instructions by Gery Ryan

"Bad words" free list data from Steve Borgatti

"Foods available at McDonald's" free list data from Gery Ryan

Pile Sorts

Pile sorts - from Borgatti's Elicitation Techniques

Pile sorting with ANTHROPAC - by Gery Ryan

Borgatti's pile sort data on animals, crimes, and emotions

Triad Tests

Triads - from Borgatti's Elicitation Techniques

Triad tests with ANTHROPAC - by Gery Ryan

Paired Comparisons

Paired Comparisons with ANTHROPAC - by Gery Ryan

Multidimensional Scaling

MDS - from the Electronic Statistics Textbook

Proximities - from Borgatti's Elicitation Techniques

MDS - by Steve Borgatii

Cluster Analysis

Cluster Analysis - Electronic Statistics Textbook

How to Explain Hierarchical Clustering - Borgatti, in Connections 17(2):78-80

PROFIT Analysis

PROFIT Analysis - by Steve Borgatti

PROFIT analysis with ANTHROPAC - by Gery Ryan (PDF)

Cultural Consensus Analysis

Consensus analysis - by Steve Borgatti

Cultural consensus theory - from the MIT Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science

Consensus analysis with ANTHROPAC - by Gery Ryan (PDF)

You can lose the answer key

Weller's (1983) data from 24 urban Guatemalan women on judgments about disease contagion

Guttman Scaling

Allen Johnson's Matsigenka data

Allen Johnon's article on Guttman scaling.



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